Al-Andalusia Education – Reviving the Islamic knowledge in Spain

Al-Andalusia Education is an Islamic School based in Seville, Spain. It has been working for nearly six years and is currently expanding to other cities in Andalusia. Our teachers at Al-Andalusia are striving to protect the iman of the Muslim community and make their students the role models of the future in the Spanish society.

The situation of the Muslim Spanish community

Muslims started to come to Spain on the late 80’s, but most of them came after 2003. Majority of Muslims are of Moroccan origin and from rural areas. The result of this is:

  • They don’t understand the responsibility of teaching Deen to their children as they came for Dunia reasons to Spain
  • In Morocco Deen is taught mainly by the government so they don’t understand the need of spending money for it
  • They are from a non-educated background
  • They don’t have a good economic situation

For all these reasons a whole generation has grown up without any knowledge of their Deen and many have lost their iman or are in the danger of losing it at any time.

Alhamdulillah the situation has started to change a little but there is long way to go. Now we have many places to pray but still no madrasas.

The start

It was in 2013 when Sh. Mohammad Idrissi graduated from the Institute of Islamic Education in England where he completed the Hifdh of Quran and a seven years career of Arabic and Islamic Studies.

After graduating he came back to his hometown, Seville, with the hope and vision of starting a madrasah that would revive the Islamic knowledge that once emerged from Al-Andalus.

Al-Andalusia Education is founded

Sh. Mohammad’s vision was to set up a madrasah which would be the sample to be copied all around Spain. A madrasah that would provide the Muslim community with all their needs to protect their iman. A madrasah that will provide the students with the right tarbiyyah to make them role models in the society, changing the world to a better place.

For that reason, Sh. Mohammad rented out a place in the same street as the Masjid Al-Hidaya Sevilla, the first masjid bought in Seville by the Muslim community. The place was chosen as it is the area where most Muslims live in Seville.

The first year Al-Andalusia had one teacher, Sh. Mohammad, and thirteen students.


After a year of experience Sh. Mohammad sees the need of a method which is directed to the needs of his students, so he completes his first book, Al-Qurtubia. Al-Qurtubia is a book which compiles the best of traditional methods with additions that makes easier the lesson to the students, and alhamdulillah since then has been used all over Spain and in South America.

The second year Al-Andalusia had two teachers and around thirty students.

Current situation

People slowly started to see the benefits of the madrasah and the second branch was open 60 kilometres away from Seville. The year after a third branch was opened in a different area of Seville, Bellavista. Now Al-Andalusia has three branches, seven teachers and over 200 students, alhamdulillah.

But this is not enough, and there are many places where they need a madrasah but we can’t help them as we don’t have enough teachers, neither the funds to pay them.

Activities at Al-Andalusia

  • Arabic and Islamic Studies for children
  • Arabic and Islamic Studies for adults
  • Arabic for non-Muslims
  • Monthly lectures about Islam to non-Muslims
  • Support for new Muslims
  • Dawah training
  • Social work in the community (Al-Andalusia for Humanity)
  • Sports

Ongoing Projects

We are working on the following projects:

  • Buying the place for the madrasah
  • Producing and printing the madrasah syllabus for children of 6 to 16 years old.
  • Training future teachers
  • Al-Qurtubia App
  • Opening two more branches
  • Full time Islamic Studies for over 16

Buying the place for the madrasah

As we are working on different projects it is essential for us to secure a place to work from. Due to its location and the deal made with the owner we have decided to try to buy the place where we are currently working from.

Madrasah Syllabus

We are currently working on the first ever madrasah syllabus produced in Spain for the Muslim Spanish community. We want to help teachers and madrasahs by giving them the right resources to teach their students, teaching them the following subjects:

  • Aqidah and Fiqh
  • Sirah and Stories of the prophets
  • Dua and Adhkar
  • Ajlaq and Adaab
  • Arabic
  • Islamic Art

We have already published two books which cover the subjects of Aqidah and Fiqh, and Dua and Adhkar, but it is presented in a generic way for all ages. These new books will be directed to the children according to their age and needs insha Allah.

Training teachers

Once we have the books ready, we will need to train teachers so they can teach the subjects in the right way. This will make very easy to expand in a very short time and reach quickly to as many people as possible insha Allah.

Al-Qurtubia App

This app is based on the book Al-Qurtubia but it will have many more features. It will be launched in different languages and with the aim of reaching out to those children who don’t have opportunity of having a teacher. And for those who have a teacher make the students’ learning easier.

Opening two more branches

We are trying to open two more branches in two different cities. The cost for this project is of 14,000€ yearly which means 7,000€ for each madrasah. This cost is mainly for the rent and basic bills.

Full time Islamic Studies

For those students who desire to complete their Islamic Studies we are preparing the first full time Islamic Course in Spain. The course will be divided in three:

2 years – First Grade

Prepare the students to be the future teachers and youth workers in their Islamic communities

4 years – Middle Grade

Prepare the students to be an imam of a Masjid, well versed in the main Islamic Sciences.

6 years – High Grade

Prepare the students to be from the Ulama, specialised in Fiqh, tafsir or Hadith.

To complete our projects and continue our work Allah’s help and your support are essential. These are the first steps of a project that insha Allah will grow on time and if you can contribute with whatever is possible, you will reap the rewards of all there is to come.

For us a monthly donation is a great help because gives us an estimated ammount to proceed with our projects and plan future ones.