Madrasah Syllabus

We are currently working on the first ever madrasah syllabus produced in Spain for the Muslim Spanish community. We want to help teachers and madrasahs by giving them the right resources to teach their students, teaching them the following subjects:

  • Aqidah and Fiqh
  • Sirah and Stories of the prophets
  • Dua and Adhkar
  • Ajlaq and Adaab
  • Arabic
  • Islamic Art

We have already published two books which cover the subjects of Aqidah and Fiqh, and Dua and Adhkar, but it is presented in a generic way for all ages. These new books will be directed to the children according to their age and needs insha Allah.

Training teachers

Once we have the books ready, we will need to train teachers so they can teach the subjects in the right way. This will make very easy to expand in a very short time and reach quickly to as many people as possible insha Allah.

Al-Qurtubia App

This app is based on the book Al-Qurtubia but it will have many more features. It will be launched in different languages and with the aim of reaching out to those children who don’t have opportunity of having a teacher. And for those who have a teacher make the students’ learning easier.